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BSEL have for sale a 14MW GAS Turbine Duel Fuel Power Plant, which consists of 3 No. GEC TYPHOON 470 (SGT) turbines each with a nominal power of 4,774kW.
Included in the package are substantial spare parts.
The GPP has been fully reconditioned and is ZERO hour set from the manufacturers


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Energy Transition

The energy transition towards renewable sources such as wind and solar energy is crucial for reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner and more sustainable energy sector. This shift requires long-term strategies and investments, with innovations in energy efficiency, storage, and electrification playing key roles in driving the transition away from fossil fuels. The increasing cost competitiveness of renewables like wind power, coupled with advancements in technology, are playing a significant role in accelerating this transition towards a more diverse and sustainable energy mix.   

The uneven progress towards cleaner energy infrastructure highlights the need for stronger international cooperation and commitments to combat climate change effectively. While Europe's ambitious targets are commendable, it is crucial for all nations to work together and hold each other accountable in order to transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral future for the planet's well-being. Collaboration and unity among nations are key in addressing the urgent climate crisis we are facing. 

The current energy transition, driven by growing concerns over climate change and the environment, marks a significant shift towards replacing fossil fuels with cleaner, renewable energy sources. Unlike historical transitions that were gradual and often driven by resource scarcity, this transition represents a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable energy future. This change is not only about shifting from one source to another but also involves advancements in energy efficiency, cleaner transportation options, and more effective energy storage solutions to address the urgency of reducing carbon emissions and combating global warming.

Net Zero

"Net Zero" is crucial in combating climate change as it involves balancing emissions produced and removed from the atmosphere to reduce global warming. It is significant that governments, like the UK, are taking steps to achieve this goal by 2050, following the Paris Agreement's mandate to curb greenhouse gas emissions and prevent catastrophic climate consequences. This commitment showcases a global effort towards sustainability and environmental protection.

Achieving a 100% reduction of emissions from 1990 levels in the UK is an ambitious but necessary goal to combat climate change. This requires a comprehensive approach involving transitioning to renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, implementing carbon capture technologies, and promoting sustainable practices across all sectors. Individual actions such as reducing energy consumption and adopting eco-friendly lifestyles will also play a crucial role in achieving this target. Collaboration between government, industry, and the public is essential to drive significant progress towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. 

Areas of Focus

- Removal of carbon from the atmosphere. 
- Improving energy efficiency in buildings. 
- Electrification of transport. 
- Decarbonisation of power.

have distinct approaches in addressing climate change. While the first focuses on actively decreasing existing greenhouse gases through removal methods, the latter three aim to mitigate and reduce future emissions through energy-efficient practices and alternative energy sources. Both are vital components in combatting climate change, working towards a sustainable and greener future.

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